Our Products

SATYA deals in the following products:

A. Irrigation Equipments
Landscape & Turf Irrigation System (basic Hydrant base Gun Sprinkler, Manual/Automated irrigation systems using Pop-up/ Spray heads)
Micro & Drip Irrigation system

B. Vertical Garden & Landscape Equipments
Vertical gardening
Bio Wall
Soil-less Media
Grass Pavers, Drain Cells and GEO Textiles

C. Fountains

D. Garden Maintenance Equipments
Lawn Mowers (electric, petrol and manual types)

SATYA AGRO IRRIGATION Co. provides water management systems from a well-maintained Turn Key facility, providing designing, sales, marketing & all support installation of water management services. Landscape & Agriculture Sprinkler system, GOLF Irrigation, GREEN WALL & Other Ancillary Landscape Maintenance products. SATYA systems are designed, manufactured and supplied as per the latest international standards considering maximum safety, performance and long life. SATYA ensures products that save time, energy and money!!