Vertical Gardens / Green Wall

Green Wall offers architects and developers a complete and durable solution for turning heat absorbing and often dull and monotonous walls into cool and attractive living green walls that assimilate easily into a natural or garden environment. It protects a building from harmful effects of sunlight and UV exposure and provides an insulating barrier against noise and extreme temperatures. Since it is a modular VERTICAL GARDEN system, it allows to grow plant vertically which can be expanded horizontally as per the available space.

Can withstand temperature from 2 45 degrees C.
More than 100 plants can be grown.
Can be installed directly to the wall thus cost of supporting structure is lowest.
Available in sizes of 475mm x 475mm x 125mm.
Vertically maintenance free as irrigation, drainage and fertilization is included in the system.
Can be installed as a standalone wall on fabricated structure also.
Life of the panel is up to 15 years and Weight per module is approximately 10Kg only.
Easy to maintain as individual plants can be accessed from the front.

Decreases strong water runoff and  Improves thermal performance.
Increases sound insulation and protection of the roof membrane.
Increases aesthetics, public relations and recreational green space.
Reduces the urban heat island effect (UHI), air borne particulars and improves air quality.
Sustain Bio diversity. Improves urban wild life and pest control.
Saves cooling cost and energy.
Positively affects 27 out of 51 led credits!!! (supports in green building certificates).
Increases property value. Easy to mount and un-mount during maintenance.

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